Our dental practice is a professionally managed, patient centered, team oriented family practice. Our clinic is enhanced with environmentally friendly settings. Every patient will be welcomed to our  warm and friendly atmosphere. At [email protected] Brock-Taunton we promise to find that extra something to achieve that high level of   uncompromised quality and care.
Our vision is to be the community's trusted one stop dental care provider with a genuine smile, therefore we strive to facilitate a comfortable, long term, respectful relationship with all our patients and create the perfect smile you've always wanted.
The staff at [email protected] Brock-Taunton are always updating their knowledge by continuously enrolling in continuing dental education courses. This allows us to work as a cohesive unit to give you treatment with the most up to date research and techniques. 
Our dentist, Dr. Amal Hamad, successfully completed the National Dental Examining Board Of Canada in 1999, and is an active member of the ODA/ RCDSO/ DODS.  She has committed herself to be up to date with the current knowledge and techniques by obtaining continuing education. She  is a General Practitioner who loves to work with children and seniors, while also excelling in Invisalign treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Dr. Hamad believes great oral health can truly enhance a person's self esteem and give them the confidence to show off their natural attractive smile. ​She's committed to using a patient centred approach to find the best way to achieve each patient's individual goals. This means using her patient's wishes as well as her highly skilled clinical technique to masterfully bring out the best in every smile.